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In the STERENN&CO Group, our main objective is your satisfaction.

True to our values, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. For this, we have a complete mastery of our businesses:

Multi-specialist wholesaler with different distributors and manufacturers;

Importer of equipments and consumables;

Designers and manufacturers of parts and Materials;

– Service provider.

We bring various skills together to promotes the pooling and optimization of functional synergies: such as purchasing performance, storage capacity, order grouping etc. We draw our focus from the mobilization of all employees to meet each customer’s request.

Innovation is part of the STERENN&CO Group’s DNA. We constantly adapting to our markets, we value innovation by collaborating in an agile way. As a solution provider, we are committed to helping our customers.

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People and ethics are at the center of our organization.

In the STERENN&CO Group, respect for the individual is a fundamental principle. On a daily basis, we cultivate kindness towards ourselves, towards other employees and towards stakeholders. It promotes the cohesion and trust of our teams, partners and customers.


For us, growth and responsible action are inseparable. We apply moral and ethical principles such as fairness, integrity, loyalty and transparency to our work. Moreover, In a favourable economic, social and environmental context, we mobilize for trusting cooperation, individual responsibility and engaging communications.

7 subsidiaries specialized in their field of expertises


Discover their expertise

An essential partner of manufacturers and distributors of agricultural equipments, AGRIEST consists of 3 departments in order to provide adapted and personalized solutions to it’s customers.

DIMAGRO brings it’s expertise to agricultural professionals in Poland. Our subsidiary group has the Experience to provide the best services to it’s customers. We are Expert in agricultural spare parts.

FOURNIAL has a high expertise in agriculture fields of activity. A major player in the wholesale trade of agricultural parts, Our subsidiary supports agricultural professionals in France and Europe.

A true specialist at the service of professionals in industry, energy and construction, FSI has become in 20 years the essential partner of embedded energy.

With it’s 4 areas of expertise, the subsidiary offers customized solutions.

MDS is the privileged partner of professionals in motorcycle,cultivation and green spaces. With committed and involved teams, MDS facilitates the daily lives of it’s customers. It’s an innovative and responsible brand.

As an importer of equipment, STERENN Equipements is the dealer advisor.

Its technical experts and its assembly workshop allow it to provide tailor-made solutions to its customers.

As an expert in tyres, STERENN Pneumatiques is the specialist and advisor for tyre distributors.

A team of enthusiasts of high-tech products, bring you the best advice and solutions for your pneumatic tyres applications.

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