Essential partner of green space professionals


Established for more than 30 years in the heart of the Rennes basin, MDS is the specialist in the sale of motorcycle spare parts. MDS stands out in its market as a reliable and serious partner and is aimed exclusively at professionals: self-service motorcycle shops and green spaces (independent, GSB, GSS).


Innovative and responsible brand, it brings solutions for the material to all gardeners.
Innovation, MDS’s DNA, is a major focus. It helps to offer users the best products and the best performance. With its expertise in green spaces, the subsidiary of the STERENN&CO Group offers high quality products with a green value.

MDS in numbers

Main et écrou

More than 30 years of know-how


13 employees


1.400 regular customers

More than 250,000 order lines shipped/year

MDS carefully advised and help each customer as a privileged contact.

Its teams are involved and engaged to find the best solutions to the customer issues.
MDS always use collective intelligence tools to provide the suitable answer and improve the customer satisfaction.

With its 360 offers, MDS have complete solutions for workshop, warehouse, and self-service implantations.
It develops additional services : parts identification tools, and innovative merchandising concepts.

MDS focus on the customer support to assist the business difficulties.”

Specialized Families

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