Specialised in Agricultural machine parts in Poland


Established in Poznan, in Poland since March 2021, DIMAGRO is the subsidiary wholesaler of agricultural spare parts for the Polish market.


A true partner, always attentive to it’s customers, DIMAGRO provides personalized solutions and shows innovation in the face of changes in the Polish market.


DIMAGRO can count on the experience of the subsidiaries of the STERENN&CO Group to guarantee it’s customers a first-class service.

DIMAGRO in a few figures

6 Employees


20 PROMODIS clients

2000 References

DIMAGRO Central Stock

600 m² of storages

Closer to it’s customers


With it’s complete offer of agricultural spare parts, the DIMAGRO team is involved in the challenges of it’s customers and supports them in their development.


Through the expertise of the STERENN&CO Group, DIMAGRO offers customized layout solutions for stores, adapted to the needs of each customer, to improve the performance from the point of sale.



Specialized Families

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